My name is Sophie Pluim and I am an illustrator.

I was born in Utrecht, September 1993.

In 2011 I started my study to become an illustrator at the 'Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht.'

In my third year, 2014, I had an internship at 'Cartils branding and packaging design' in London and Hilversum.

Working there as an illustrator was wonderful and

I was happy to work there after my internship as a freelancer during the holidays.

Now I've finished my studies and I've taken a year to explore as a freelancer what kind of illustrator work I would like to do most.

Next to that I have the most wonderful parttime job in a passementerie where I learn a lot about fashion history and costume elements. Every day I start with an hour of sketching in the old Hortus Botanicus in Utrecht.

On my instagram you'll find regular updates of what I'm up to.


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Reference from my internship at Cartils.


Sophie Pluim Interned at Cartils LTD London for 3 months covering April through to June in 2014.


She arrived with a distinctive well developed perosnal style and use of marking making that charicterises her work.

Her use of light especially in the water-colour based work shows a true understanding of the environment she is studying with great ability to translate this onto paper with atmosphere and feeling.

This will all stand her in good stead for the future as this develops throughout her career to distinguish her work in illustration realm.


Sophie then had to learn quickly that the market that Cartils works within requires adaptation, an openness to try new styles, learn new techniques and respond quickly to tight almost immediate deadlines.

She did this succesfully along with learning new process and ways to her approach work. She was also enthusiastic and a pleasure to have in the office.


I believe she has a very bright future ahead and I look forward to seeing how her artistic world expands and develops.

I wish her all the best for the future.


Andy Newman.


Cartils LTD




Recentie door Liesbeth Verhoef


Sophie heeft afgelopen zomer (2016) het logo voor mijn praktijk ontworpen. Sophie luisterd naar je wensen als klant. Ze weet je woorden en verhaal te vangen en deze om te zetten in een prachtig beeld. In het proces naar het logo toe houd ze je op de hoogte en vraagt ze feedback of ze de informatie goed begrepen heeft. Ik heb het als zeer prettige samenwerking ervaren en hoop vaker haar werk te mogen zien!