Introduction: Our oil press centrifugal oil filter equipment is filtered by the principle of crude oil centrifuge to remove phosphorus and wax in crude oil. It is our edible oil that meets food standards. It is green and environmentally friendly. pure. In terms of environmental protection, it has achieved low pollution of edible oil and protected consumers. In production, with the development of science and technology, it is a centrifugal oil filter with low consumption, high efficiency, time saving, power saving and labor saving.

Centrifugal oil filter equipment for our oil press after pressing the wool oil centrifuge principle filtration, remove the phosphorous and wax inside the wool oil, is our edible oil to meet the food standard, green environmental protection, pure natural luzhou-flavor edible oil, taste pure.

In terms of environmental protection, it has achieved low pollution and protected consumers in edible oil. In terms of production, it is low consumption, high efficiency, time-saving, power-saving and labor-saving. With the development of science and technology, centrifugal oil filter constantly updates its products, constantly breaks through itself in technology, and walks in the front of oil pressing machinery by relying on excellent technical force and innovative scientific research team. In the process of reproduction, the cleaning method of centrifugal oil filter gradually realizes one-key start-up device, saving labor and expenditure. In the industry of oil filter, the filtering effect of horizontal screw oil residue filter is higher than all the equipment, so that people can free themselves from the heavy production process, and enjoy the fun of life leisurely while making money.

In the process of production, the centrifugal rapeseed oil filter machine working principle of the equipment is simple, easy-to-use simple ways, without any risk, safe and reliable performance makes use of customer praise, my company production of centrifugal filter oil machine equipment in terms of technology, the improvement of unremitting efforts, make the extension of its service life, better protection for your production efficiency.

With people’s living standard increasing day by day, as well as the importance of healthy diet, the quality of edible oil is the most important thing to pay attention to. According to the continuous emergence of problem oil, Anbang machinery has developed oil press, oil filter, frying pan, conveyor, sheller and other full set of grain and oil equipment.