Palm Oil Press Machine

small scale palm oil press machine is a type of machine for pressing palm fruits so as to get palm oil, which is suitable for small scale palm oil mill plants or the home use workshops, and its largest processing capacity is 500 kg/h.

Product Description

The structure of small scale palm oil press machine

The small scale palm oil press machine mainly has these parts: single press screw, press chamber, hopper, motor, and the whole machine frame.

The working principle of small scale palm oil press machine

Generally speaking, this palm oil press machine can squeeze the palm oil out from palm fruits. Due to the press of the small scale in the press chamber, the space of the press chamber gets smaller and smaller, so as to ceaselessly press the palm fruits to get palm oil, while keep the completeness of palm nuts. Meanwhile, the oil flows from the below, and the mixture of palm nuts and fiber is removed from the outlet.

Operating process of small scale palm oil press machine

The palm fruit should be cooked before feeding it into this small palm oil press. After that, adjust the machine and prepare a container for palm oil. Then, when you start the machine, continue feeding the palm fruit into the hopper and cleaning the palm fruit and fiber mixture. Finally, clean the machine to preserve its useful life and you will have crude palm oil and a blend of palm nuts and fibers.

Model and parameters of small scale palm oil press machine

Capacity(kg/h) 300-500
Main Power(kw) Diesel:8HPMoter:4Kw
Main Shaft Speed 25-35r/min
Boiling Time 2h
Weight(kg) 350
Packed Size(mm) 1500*800*1200

small palm oil pressing machine
The features of small scale palm oil press machine

Optional motor: diesel engine and electric motor for you to choose according to the actual situation.

High oil yield: more than 90% oil yield.

Low palm kernel breakage rate: Well-designed machine structure helps prevent palm kernel breakage while maximizing palm fruit compression.

Simple operation: With the technical support of our engineers, you can quickly master the operation skills. Usually, one person is enough to control the machine.

Easy to move: Small machines save space for you and indirectly save costs.

Long service life: The screw is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

Low cost: We are a company dedicated to equipment research and development, professional manufacturing and equipment sales services. So we can offer this small palm oil press at ex-factory price.