Castor Oil Press Machine

This series of castor oil press machine can be widely used for pressing soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil and so on.

Product Description

Machine characteristics

Our company has developed a series of small and medium-sized oil presses according to the actual experience of producing similar models and according to the needs of different users.

This castor oil press machine inherits the advantages of various types of screw oil presses, with beautiful shape, smooth and reliable operation, high output, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, and low operating costs.

Castor Oil Press Machine Price

Technical parameters

Item ZX85   Screw Oil Press ZX105   Screw Oil Press ZX125   Screw Oil Press ZX130   Screw Oil Press
Specification Speed:   60-80 kg/h

Capacity:   1.4-2 T/ 24hrs

Power:   5.5 kw-4P

Size:   1200*400*900mm

Weight:   260 kg

Speed:   150-200 kg/h

Capacity:   3.5-5 T/ 24hrs

Power:   (7.5-11 kw)-6P

Size:   1600*700*1350mm

Weight:   530 kg

Speed:   210-300 kg/h

Capacity:   4-7 T/ 24hrs

Power:   15 kw-4P

Size:   1850*700*1350mm

Weight:   580 kg

Speed:   450-500 kg/h

Capacity:   10-12 T/ 24hrs

Power:   18.5 kw-6P

Size:   2010*800*1380mm

Weight:   820 kg

Castor Oil Press Machine Price