Peony Seed Oil Press Machine

Automatic temperature controlled integrated peony seed oil press machine with vacuum filter.

Product Description

Introduction to peony seed oil

Peony seed oil, also known as peony oil, is extracted from the tree nut vegetable oil of peony seeds. It is analyzed by the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, using peony seeds as raw materials, and is a golden yellow transparent oil that is pulverized and refined. The content of unsaturated fatty acids More than 92%, of which linolenic acid accounts for 42%, known as “the best edible oil in the world”.

Its raw material peony seed, black color, hard skin, bitter taste, irregular round type, slightly larger than soybeans, oil content up to 30%.At present, only two varieties can be used to process peony seed oil, one is Danfeng, one is purple spot.These two peony varieties, seed more, fast growth, suitable for medicinal use.

Production technology of peony seed oil


Leaching method is a kind of extraction principle, using oil and organic solvent dissolution properties, the oil crushing into germ or expansion, with organic solvent and oil embryo contact in the device called extract, the oil extraction dissolved, and then through the method of heating steam, remove the oil in the solvent residual oil production process.

Peony Seed Oil Press Machine

The advantages of leaching legal oil are that the meal cake contains less residual oil, high oil yield, low processing cost, high economic benefits, but, the periodic oil is more or less contains a certain amount of solvent residue, can not be completely removed.


The process of pressing method is relatively simple: after the oil is steamed and fried, the oil is squeezed out of the oil by mechanical method

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Peony seed oil is generally pressed at low temperature, and the screw oil press is used through physical pressing, which can perfectly retain the active substances in the peony seeds. At the same time, the quality of the peony seed oil obtained by cold pressing is relatively high, and the healthy oil can meet the requirements without too much refining process.