Cottonseed Oil Press Machine

Cottonseed screw oil press machine is a popular type of oil press machine, mainly composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber and oil receiver.

Product Description

cottonseed oil press is a green and healthy edible oil” refined by a physical pressing process. The pressing process retains the nutrients in the oil without adding chemical solvents to ensure that the oil is safe, pure, nutritious and delicious, and meets human needs , Suitable for long-term consumption. Fully-automatic oil press has a long service life, and the fragrance of the pressed oil is stronger than that of ordinary oil presses, and it does not foam during eating.

Cottonseed Oil Press Machine Price

Oil Press Machine Parameter

Item Specification
ZX85 Screw Oil Press Speed: 60-80 kgs/h

Capacity: 1.4-2 T/ 24hrs

Power: 5.5 kw-4P

Size: 1200*400*900mm

Weight: 260 kgs

ZX105 Screw Oil Press Speed: 150-200 kgs/h

Capacity: 3.5-5 T/ 24hrs

Power: (7.5-11 kw)-6P

Size: 1600*700*1350mm

Weight: 530 kgs

ZX125 Screw Oil Press Speed: 210-300 kgs/h

Capacity: 4-7 T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-4P

Size: 1850*700*1350mm

Weight: 580 kgs

ZX128 Screw Oil Press Speed: 300-375 kgs/h

Capacity: 7-9 T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-6P

Size: 2000*800*1170mm

Weight: 720 kgs

ZX130 Screw Oil Press Speed: 450-500 kgs/h

Capacity: 10-12 T/ 24hrs

Power: 18.5 kw-6P

Size: 2010*800*1380mm

Weight: 820 kgs

ZX150 Screw Oil Press Speed: 750-850 kgs/h

Capacity: 16-20 T/ 24hrs

Power: 30 kw-6P

Size: 2180*790*1790mm

Weight: 1060 kgs

Machine characteristics

1. The feeding mechanism of this machine is changed to a V-belt wheel and equipped with a tensioning wheel mechanism, which can adjust the tightness of the V-belt at any time to make the feeding more stable.

2. The gear box adopts helical gear design, which makes the screw shaft press more stable, high transmission efficiency and low noise

3. Reasonable structure, large production capacity, low residual oil, simple operation and other performances are better than other similar products

The pressing process of cottonseed

1.First put 1/4 or 1/3 of the cottonseed in the pot, and then slowly stir fry. During the frying process, avoid high temperature in the pan, which will cause the cottonseed hull to burn

2.Need fixed sieve and manual sieve to remove impurities and soil

3.When grinding, the material should be less,and the flow should be even and continuousTo make the cottonseed easy to break, the speed of the grinder should be faster

4.Sprinkle water with the ring groove of the milling roller. When milling, sprinkle water while turning the seeds at the same time, so that the draft of the billet is uniform and the milling is consistent

5.Pour the hair embryo into the steamer and flatten it by hand. The temperature, humidity and water level of the hair embryo should be the same

6.Then put the material into the oil press

7.The crude oil squeezed out by the oil press has impurities and is filtered after cooling