Flaxseed Oil Press Machine

Flaxseed oil press machine suitable for once press, such as rapeseed, peanut, tung seed, sunflower seed, cottonseed and other high oil contained plants.

Product Description

This flaxseed oil press machine is a screw oil press machine that can extract oil from various seeds, such as cotton seeds, soybean, peanut kernels, rape seeds and so on. It is composed of filter bed, oil pump and coarse filter. Our Oil Processing Machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and low running cost.

Flaxseed Oil Press Machine Price


Flaxseed oil presses are not limited by climate. It is suitable for all seasons in the north and south, because the oil pan device adopts a heating temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the temperature of the crude oil according to the ambient temperature to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration, so it is not affected by the season and climate, and can be pressed all year round.

Boot preparation

1. Installation: The customer installs the machine;

2. Running-in: Every new machine should be running-in;

3. Cleaning: After the running-in is finished, the cleaning is carried out;

4. Heating up: Keep the temperature of the oil press at 90 degrees for each press;

5. Press: Start feeding slowly for 3 minutes to 5 minutes until the strip drains the oil before it starts to work properly.