Grape Seed Oil Press Machine

The grape seed oil processing machine has advantage of high efficiency, low consumption, simple operating, stable function, easy to maintain,high productivity and high oil output ratio.

Product Description

Grape seed oil press machine for automatic temperature control, shorten preheating time, reduce energy consumption and machine wear Can press all kinds of oil seeds, such as rapeseed, sesame, sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, copra, vegetable seeds etc.

Grape Seed Oil Press Machine Price

Preparation before the oil press

1. The room temperature of the oil press room should be kept at 15~20℃. Too low temperature will affect the oil yield and oil quality

2. Before squeezing the oil, prepare all the tools used for feeding, receiving oil, removing impurities, dredging the hopper and cleaning the machine.

3. Check the transmission and lubrication system to ensure flexible rotation and adequate lubrication.

4. Carry out empty operation after starting up. If you find screaming, knocking or other abnormal phenomena during operation, you should stop the car for maintenance immediately and eliminate the fault thoroughly before continuing the test until the machine runs stably.

5. peanut 8-11%, soybean 5-8%, cotton seed 4-8%, rapeseed 6-8%. The methods for distinguishing the moisture content of several oils by experience are as follows. Cotton seed: It is suitable for it to be broken when biting with teeth and the shell kernel is easy to separate. If the cotton kernel becomes powder, it is too dry, and the kernel shell becomes too wet. Soybean: It can be crushed with front teeth, flattened with cheek teeth and cracked, and a slight noise is suitable. If it is bitten, it is too wet; if it is broken, it is too dry. Peanut kernels: Generally hot pressing is the main method. The pressing chamber is preheated during hot pressing, the peanut kernels are fried to about 60℃, and then pressed while hot. Rapeseed: When cold pressing, squeeze the rapeseed with your fingernails and make a noise, divide it into two pieces and get the oil. Hot-squeeze the rapeseed in an iron pan for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 70-80°C, rub it on a wooden board with a triangular piece of wood. If the shell and core are separated into two pieces, the moisture content is appropriate. If the kernel becomes flour, it will be too dry. If the shell does not separate, it is too wet.