Rapeseed Oil Press Machine

Rapeseed oil press machine has rational construction, unfailing performance, easy operation, maintenance convenience, efficient production, combined steaming and roasting.

Product Description

Rapeseed oil press is mostly used for rapeseed oil press, which is commonly known as screw automatic oil press. Spiral rapeseed oil press is mainly divided into two parts: hydraulic pressure and pressing cavity. It works by squeezing the oil out of the rapeseed through high pressure. It is then filtered through vacuum negative pressure. Cleaner after oiling. The screw oil press uses mechanical pressure to extrude the oil part of oil crops under high pressure. So as to achieve the purpose of oil extraction.

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Process flow of rapeseed oil press

1. Hot pressing: cleaning the rapeseed-softening the embryo-steaming and frying-squeezing operation instructions: the rapeseed is selected with a 30 mesh/inch screen to make the rapeseed less than 0.5% of impurities, and then proceed After softening, the rapeseed has a moisture content of about 9%, then rolls embryos, steams and stirs, and steams and stirs to make the oil temperature reach 110-120 degrees, and its moisture content is about l-1.5%, then it can enter the oil press Squeeze. If you use a cylindrical frying pan, the rapeseed can directly enter the cylindrical frying pan after cleaning and removing impurities, or enter the flat-bottom frying pan after rolling the embryo.

But add 2-3% water when frying the seeds, and when the temperature reaches 110-120 degrees, it can be pressed out of the pot. When hot pressing, the following methods can be used to judge whether the rapeseed is fried well. Rub the rapeseed with two wooden boards. If the shell and kernel are separated, the kernel becomes dark yellow. If the kernel becomes powder, it is too dry, and if the shell and kernel are not separated, it is too wet.

2. Cold pressing: Rapeseed can also be cold pressed. During cold pressing, the rapeseed can be cleaned to remove impurities. You can add l-12% water to soften the rapeseed. After softening, the embryo can be rolled. It can also enter the oil press without rolling the embryo. For pressing, (but pressing after the embryo rolling can improve the performance of the oil press) during cold pressing, the moisture content of the rapeseed will directly affect the oil output efficiency, so it is very important to judge the dryness and wetness of the oil, generally before pressing Control the moisture content of rapeseed at 5-8%. Use the soil method to judge the moisture content of rapeseed. You can squeeze the rapeseed with your nails. If it makes a noise, divide it into two pieces. The powder package has less moisture and too dry, if it is flat, the moisture content is high and too wet.