Rice Bran Oil Press Machine

Rice bran oil press machine is a kind of oil press equipment with the automatic temperature control function, which is widely used in different edible oil processing plants.

Product Description

Rice bran oil press has stable performance, high working efficiency and large oil output, which is your ideal choice. The multi-function screw machine is used to squeeze dry, save labor and time, high oil yield, low power, pure oil quality, multi-purpose machine, can be used for sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, sesame and so on.

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Rice bran pressing process

The chaff left after the rice is processed is rice bran. It contains 15-22% fat, and if it is squeezed into oil, it can greatly increase its value. The method is introduced as follows:

1. Pretreatment Use a 25-mesh sieve to sieve the fresh high-quality rice bran to remove broken rice and impurities. Then put it in an iron pan to fry, often turn over and pay attention to the firepower when frying, so as not to fry and affect the oil. Fry them all yellow (102-104℃), put them out of the pot and put them in a basket surrounded by insulation materials such as straw curtains, cloth, sack, etc., step on them tightly and cover them for heat preservation. After 2 hours, take the chaff out, spread it thinly in the ground, and stir constantly to make it evenly dissipate heat.

2. Maturation   Heat the rice bran on the ground for 10-20 hours (which is beneficial to increase the oil and reduce the acid value), let it absorb moisture to about 50%, and put it in a steamer heated by SAIC (the amount of water added to the pot depends on the amount of bran , Just like steaming wine medicine), add a layer to compact, after SAIC, add the second and third layers until it is full, and at the same time use steel wire or bamboo sticks to pierce a few holes to make the steam distribution uniform and rapid. Finally, cover and steam until cooked.

3. Squeeze oil  Take out the cooked rice bran, wrap it, and press it into the press while it is hot. When the oil flows out, lightly press, pressurize continuously, and keep the oil out until the oil can’t be pressed out.

4. Hydration and dehydration After the squeezed oil is filtered with a cloth bag, it is heated to 50-60°C. While stirring, add hot water with the same temperature as the oil, the amount of which is 10-15% of the oil. Then continue heating and stirring to 70°C, take out the precipitate and remove the phospholipids and water in the lower layer. If oil and water are not easy to separate, add a small amount of salt to speed up the separation. The hydrated bran oil should not be stored for a long time and should be heated and dehydrated as soon as possible. Heat it to about 120°C and stir continuously until the water in the oil has completely evaporated (that is, there is no more cracking sound in the oil). This is the refined oil, which is edible.

Advantages and characteristics 

1. Stable and reliable performance

The oil press has repeatedly obtained professional technical inspection and appraisal from relevant departments.

2. Constantly update technology

The oil press has an excellent technical team of experts, and the technology is constantly updated to keep up with industry trends and market demands.

3. Pure physical pressing

The squeezed oil has a clear color, pure oil, original flavor and rich oil fragrance.

4. High oil yield

Innovatively developed 5 and 6-stage oil presses, appropriately increase the length of the press chamber, increase the pressure point, thoroughly press, and high oil yield

5. Widely applicable

It can be widely used in the pressing of various oil crops such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, oil sunflower, tea seed, flax seed, perilla seed, almond, walnut, sesame, corn germ, cottonseed and so on.

6. Energy saving and high efficiency

With more than 40 years of market verification, it has been well received by users. Its products have realized intelligent technology, adopt electronic automatic temperature control function, and save energy and power.

7. Complete supporting facilities

Providing complete technical support and a full set of machinery and equipment, it is an ideal choice for urban and rural oil mills and small and medium-sized oil mills.

8. After-sales guarantee

Provide professional and timely after-sales service, so that you can buy and use with peace of mind.