Peanut Oil Production Line

We can provide the equipments to process different capacity of peanut/ groundnut. They bring unrivalled experience to bear in producing accurate drawings detailing foundation loadings, building dimensions and overall plant layout designs, tailor made to suit individual requirements.

Product Description

The peanut oil production line is a production line composed of shelling machine, conveyor, roasting machine, oil press, oil filter and so on. After washing the peanuts, put them into the peanut shelling machine to remove the shells. The conveyor transports the material to the roasting zone for frying, and then sends them to the oil press for extrusion. The pressed oil enters the oil filter and is filtered into oil. It is suitable for small and medium-sized factories to help factories save man-hours and increase oil volume. The peanut oil production line can be cold pressed or hot pressed. According to your own needs and budget, relevant personnel will recommend suitable solutions for you

Peanut Oil Production Line Price

Pre-press process introduction:

1.Flow chart:   

Peanut seed→Metering→Cleaning→Crushing→Cooking→Flaking→Pre-press→Pressed cake to packing line

Crude oil filter→to the refining plant

2. Process characteristic: 

(1) Full continuous and mechanized operation, and with electrical interlocking control system.

(2) The equipment layout is in tower structure, and the material flow by relying on gravity to reduce reducing power consumption.

(3) Take into consideration the environmental requirements in modern industry. The workshop is also equipped with the dedusting system with high performance, so as to meet the requirements of production and environmental protection.

(4) When producing germ meal, the roller softening pot can better meet the flaking technical requirements.

(5) Select scraper conveyor as much as possible, which can effectively reduce raw material crushing, improve solvent permeation into the material layer, and increase the extraction efficiency.

Peanut Oil Continuous refining workshop Introduction

Main Processes Introduction:

(1) Hydration Deguming & Alkali Refining Deacidification Process

(2)Continuous Decoloring Process Features

(3)Continuous Refining Deodorizing Process

(4)AutomaticControl System

Peanut Oil Production Line Price

Settlement procedures: settle crude oil for some time to make small oil residue and colloidal impurities subside. Then the settled oil residue is discharged regularly and separated from oil.

Cooling and coarse filtration process: the pressed crude oil after removing the dregs rigorously is pumped into the cooling oil tank. Stir the oil slowly to cool it to a certain temperature, and then pump the cooled oil into the oil filter for coarse filteration.

Cooling and fine filtration process: pump the coarse filtered oil into cooling oil tank to further cool it to a lower temperature, and colloid impurities in crude oil temperatures condense gradually in the critical condensed temperature. Pump the frozen oil into the oil filter, and the colloid impurities are stopped by filter medium and then separated from oil.