Crude Oil Refining Machine

Edible oil refining technology: Refining is based on the differences in the physical and chemical properties and impurities of the oil, and uses professional technical means to separate the oil and impurities to improve the edible quality, storage and safety of the oil.

Product Description

Edible oil refinery technology:

Oil refining is based on the difference of oil and the impurities in the physical and chemical properties, separate the grease and impurity by professional technical ways, in order to improve the oil edible quality, storagest ablity and safety process.Oil refining process is divided into chemical refining and physical refining.

The refining technician and equipment we adopt suits different kinds of vegetable oil process.According to the materials and capacity, we can use batch, continuous, physical and chemical refining design.The product oil can reach first to fourth grade.Guarantee the highest quality in lowest cost.

Crude Oil Refining Machine for Sale
Crude Oil Refining Machine for Sale

The refining equipment adopts stainless steel material, which meets the national food machinery standard. It is beneficial to enhance the storage stability of oils, change the flavor of oils, change the color of oils, and provide raw materials for deep-processed products of oils. With long warranty time, stable performance and easy maintenance, the entire product system has reached the advanced ranks of its kind. The operation data is all displayed by the instrument, which is easy to operate and safe to run.

Crude Oil Refining Machine for Sale