Romeo en Julia - Blossom Books 2018


This book is re- translated by Tiny Fisscher and designed and illustrated by me. It is the first book of a series of re-translations published by Blossom Books.

The illustrations and decorated kapital letters are made with fineliner. The book is bound in linnen and gold foil.



School voor Coaching/Vistanova bedrijfsmagazine - 2018


Omslag illustratie

SETUP Medialab - Algoritmisch Historisch Museum - 2017


SETUP did a project about Algorithm in the shape of a museum exposition. This project was to be seen at the Dutch Design Week 2017 and the open library of Utrecht.

My part in this collaboration were different kinds of illustration/designs with a historical appearance.

More information about the project is to be found here.

Poster: Graduation project from Casper de Jong - 2017

Illustrations for animations: Triomos - 2016/2017


Triomos is a flute-piano-cello trio who plays spanish-argentinian music. For their performence I created quiecent background animations to create a suitable visual atmosphere suited to the origin of the compositions.

For more information about Triomos visit their website here.

Soon I will add some images of the illustrations. For now I'll show you a promotion video that contains parts of a few of the animations.

Magazine publication: De Tuin in Vier Seizoenen - 2016


In the winter 2016 edition of the magazine 'De Tuin in Vier Seizoenen' (the garden in four seasons) I was given five pages for my illustration work. I made the following illustrations

Promotion postcard: It's LIT Young adult book club - 2016


This is a promotion postcard for the young adult bookclub in Bilthoven. To visit their website click here.


Book: 'Helende gedichten voor Kinderen' - 2016

Collaboration with Carola de Koning (writer)


August 2016 Carola and I published our first book. This contains 15 of her poems written by Carola which I’ve illustrated.

Some of these poems are also available as posters and postcards. Below you’ll see some images of our work.

For more information and to view the complete available collection, please visit Carola’s website here.


Book: ‘Pluk de oorsprong’ - 2015

Graduation project for the HKU


My graduation project for the Art academy was book about the most eaten vegetables in the Stone Age. I created a kind of picture book where I show the change of the landscape during the most recent Stone Age periods and where the different kind of edible plants and mushrooms probably grew. All illustrations are based on a different kind of landscape appearance and in these landscapes you can search for the edible plants.

There is a second book attached to the picture book where I give some rough information about the Eras and the discussed plants. With this information you can search in the landscape illustrations of the first book. To see what this book looks like you can watch the video following this text.

I also include some pictures of the second print I did which is a less extravagant but more user friendly version of the first print. In this edition I included a map of Europe and more instructive illustrations about the tools that were used during the Stone Age for gathering food.


The following images are pictures of the second edition